Home composters

  • Large ground - plenty of grass and leaves
  • House garden
  • Small garden
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   Composters for municipalities

  • Tenders
  • Public contracts
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Josef Kubiš, Zubří:

"I have had the K 700 composter in my garden since 2010. The municipality decided to buy 300 composters for the local citizens and I got one of them. It’s a big help. I grow zucchini in my composter."

Environmentally friendly composting

The composter is made of recycled plastic
It will produce a plenty of fertilizer for your garden, orchards and pots
It will solve your problems with grass, leaves and kitchen waste



Accelerators will help you if you have any problems with composting. They come in handy if you have acidic compost or infected input material.



In spring and autumn, you regularly prune trees, but you do not know what to do with the branches. If you do not burn them in the stove, you can crush them into your compost.