What is a composter?

   A composter is a structure made of recycled plastic, where compost matures quickly and aesthetically.
   Composting produces good fertilizer. This fertilizer returns nutrients to the soil and improves its properties.

When to buy a composter?

When your old wooden composter falls apart
If you want to save money on waste disposal
If you are tired of taking grass to the local waste collection centre

And, of course: If you feel that recycling makes sense.

Starting composting

Choose a composter according to the size of your garden
You will have it in 2 days and you can assemble it in a few minutes
You can start composting in your garden according to our instructions

How to start composting?


Place the composter on a flat surface
The composter has no bottom and contact with soil has to be ensured, because that is where micro-organisms get into the compost from.


Put broken branches into the composter
In order to properly start the composting processes, access of air in the composter must be ensured and that is why dry and wet twigs should be placed on the ground level.


Open the aeration holes
Pro dostatek větrání otevřete větrací ventil. Zkušení zahrádkáři doporučují jednou za rok kompost provzdušnit, tedy přeházet vidlemi.

Jak založit kompost

  Add 1 part of green material to 2-3 parts of wooden material

Put biological waste in the compost at the C:N ratio of 25-30:1. It may sound overly scientific, but it is no big deal.

Fresh, green, nitrogen-rich material is mixed with old woody material with high content of carbon.

You can add one bucket of kitchen waste to two or three buckets of bark. Add two or three wheelbarrows of straw or needles to a wheelbarrow of mowed grass.

Poměr suroviny do kompostéru
   The basic rule says that 1 part of green material shall be added to 2-3 parts of brown material

The following table will help you:

Material C:N (carbon:nitorgen)
Mowed grass20 : 1
Kitchen waste20 : 1
Cattle manure20 : 1
Horse manure25 : 1
Leaves50 : 1
Needles70 : 1
Straw100 : 1
Bark120 : 1
Wood200 : 1
Sawdust500 : 1

What (not) to put in a composter?

Co do kompostéru smí a nesmí přijít