Táňa Arťušenková, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

In 2013, I won K 390 composter in a competition. However, its capacity of 400 litres was not enough for the cut grass from my large garden, so I ordered a composting silo S 900 in compostery.cz e-shop. I was so satisfied with it I bought another one the next year. It is really versatile, which suits me. I use the compost for growing vegetables.

Karel Polách, Prušánky

We bought K 390 composter some ten years ago. Over the time, we’ve produced a plenty of quality compost for our garden.

Josef Kubiš, Zubří

I have had the K 700 composter in my garden since 2010. The municipality decided to buy 300 composters for the local citizens and I got one of them. It’s a big help. I grow zucchini in my composter.